Post Shores

Post Shores

Post Shores for Sturdy Support in Construction and Renovation

In the dynamic world of construction and renovation, the stability and safety of projects are paramount. Post shores, or shoring posts, are essential in providing temporary yet robust support for structures under construction or renovation. Yesco’s comprehensive shoring rental services offer a wide selection of post shores, including steel shoring posts and scaffolding shoring posts, tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.

Our post shores are designed for durability, ease of use, and reliability, ensuring your construction site benefits from the best support solutions available. As your local provider for post shore rental, Yesco is committed to supplying high-quality shoring solutions that meet your project’s requirements, ensuring safety and efficiency on site.

Versatile Post Shore Applications for Your Building Needs

  • Support During Construction or Renovation: The use of post shores is critical in maintaining the structural integrity of buildings during significant modifications or repairs. They offer the necessary support to ensure safety and compliance throughout the construction process.
  • Enhanced Scaffolding Stability: Beyond direct structural support, post shores are integral to creating stable and secure scaffolding setups, providing a safe working environment for construction teams and ensuring the smooth progression of projects.
  • Tailored Shoring Solutions: Recognizing the unique nature of each construction project, Yesco provides a diverse selection of post shore and shoring equipment rental options. Whether your project requires scaffolding shoring posts for elevated work or steel shoring posts for heavy-duty support, we have the inventory and expertise to accommodate your needs.

Choosing Yesco for your construction shoring rental means partnering with a team that understands the local demands and challenges of construction projects. Our aim is to equip you with the right shoring solutions, facilitating project success from the foundation up.

Specs and Info

Item Number Description Length Min. Height Max. Height Weight (lbs)
PS01 Post Shore 3’5″ to 6′ 3’5″-6’1″ 3′ 6’1″ 25.35
PS02 Post Shore 5’5″ to 10′ 5’9″-10’3″ 5’6″ 10’1″ 37.99
PS03 Post Shore 6’5″ to 11′ 6’6″-11′ 6’6″ 11’1″ 40.81
PS04 Post Shore 8’7″ to 13’2″ 8’6″-13′ 8’6″ 13’3″ 46.64
PS05 Post Shore 10’7″ to 16’4″ 10’6″-15’6″ 10’7″ 16’6″ 54.34

Allowable Loads in Lbs

Item Number 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ 8′ 9′ 10′ 11′ 12′ 13′ 14′ 15′
PS01 6800 6650 6500
PS02 6500 6070 5650 5230 4310
PS03 6070 5650 5230 4310 4390
PS04 5230 4310 4390 3970 3550
PS05 4390 3970 3550 3270 3000

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