E-Z Trencher 13″

Specs and Info

Weight: 250 lbs Belt Drive: Yes Trench Width: 2.5″ Depth: 0 to 13″ deep Rate of Cut: Approximately 100′ in 5 minutes (subject to soil conditions)

 The Groundsaw will trench 100 feet in approximately 5 minutes. Heavy-duty carbide bits and all steel construction make it very durable and dependable. Switches depth adjustments on the fly, enabling the operator to dig a trench 2.5″ wide from 0 to 13″ deep with ease.
The Groundsaw EZ9000 is ideal for installing irrigation, propane gas lines, silt fence, cable lines, and more!

Progressive Heavy-Duty Cutting Carbide Blade Cuts Hard Soils and Tree Roots!

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